Branding 101 - Start ups and Small Businesses

Branding goes a lot deeper than just your visual appearance. We at twodoodles believe that building a brand is the most important step when starting a company or ensuring that your existing company is successful. In today’s world people long for human connection, they want their brands to feel authentic and relatable. Personality is the key to engagement with your audience - develop a brand that feels like a real person.

Your brand is essentially your reputation. It’s important to build a brand with substance, identify with your audience. Initially don’t pay too much attention to the visual elements. When your audience see’s and interacts with your brand, they need to feel something. Connect on an emotional level from the very beginning and you can’t go wrong.

Strategize your brand to look, sound, think and feel different to other brands. Successful brands create a unique human connection with their target market. Brands today are evolving into human persona’s. Consumers love brands that have an outlook on life, opinions, values and a sense of belief. People like to buy from people, so why not put a face on your brand. Find an image that represents your brand perfectly - here are a few successful examples we found:

There are 5 steps that Twodoodles like to follow when developing a strong brand:

  1. First we need to find out how the brand is perceived. Take a step back from what you think you already know about your consumers perspective. Do surveys and connect with your audience, their opinion is very important.

  2. Identify your competitors. Find out what is or isn’t working for them, or why your customer would consider using them rather than your brand. Helpful platforms Twodoodles likes to use is Reddit or Quora.

  3. Analyze the current trend reports. Try predict future events in your industry, stay up to date with trends.

  4. Determine your positioning. Why are you different, unique, what is your valuable market position?

  5. Evaluate your visual materials. This is the part where you decide on your visual assets. Be sure that your branding is communicating according to your strategic goals - if not don’t be afraid to start over.

When developing a brand identity, consider colour, shapes, lettering and typography. Create consistency, emotion & reliability. You can relate to your audience through pain points or heart branding, get the consumer to think “wow this brand really understands me and I really understand this brand.”

Some common brand elements Twodoodles specializes in includes:

  • Logo design
  • Website Design
  • Business cards
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Email design

The most effective brand personalities feel real, try to align your brand personality with that of your audience. Create a positive experience for them and build an authentic brand. It's very important for your brand to have a strong sense of self and consistency throughout all branding touchpoints - these include your website, social media, advertising, packaging and email marketing.

Twodoodles specializes in helping startups and small businesses develop their brand from the very beginning, not to mention taking a fresh approach to existing brands. We love the challenge of creating strong unique identities and simplistic consistency within the brand. Get in touch with us if you need reliable, authentic and constantly evolving digital services.